The Swedish Alliance Mission (SAM) is a Christian denomination with approximately 140 local churches and 13,500 members in Sweden. We work in around 20 countries and have around 30 missionaries who work nationally and internationally. The desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ is in our roots, it is our identity and our future.

Our vision

Our vision is Together, we want to receive Jesus Christ, be molded by Him and embody Him in the world. Based on this, we have chosen four areas of development that we are focusing on in various ways until the year 2025:

Spiritual Formation

We want to support each other in walking closely with Jesus Christ and letting faith shape our lives.

This is done through:

  • National and international discipleship schools
  • Bible courses
  • Providing training for our pastors and leaders

Evangelism and Church Planting

We want to lead people to living a life of faith in Jesus Christ and form fellowships where believers grow as disciples.

This is done through:

  • Evangelism and Bible translation in several places worldwide – Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania
  • Church planting in Sweden and abroad
  • Church and ministry development

Social Justice

We want to create conditions where individuals and communities can overcome poverty, exclusion, and oppression.

This is done through:

  • International projects in the areas of education, community development, and sustainable livelihoods
  • Working with integration
  • National advocacy work through partner organizations

Creation Care

We want to be a constructive voice and a positive example for a sustainable lifestyle and responsible stewardship of God's creation.

This is done through:

  • Environmental policy providing guidelines for our local churches
  • Environmental sustainability certification at our central office and sustainability education for our local staff
  • International projects towards environmentally sustainable development

Our mission

In Sweden, one of SAM's undertakings is to support and equip our local churches. We offer theological and practical support, coaching, information, and other relevant resources for churches, members and employees. We also plant new churches in Sweden, especially in areas with little Christian presence. About a dozen workers are involved in church planting projects in Sweden.

We are also partners in the theological seminary Academy for Leadership and Theology (ALT), in collaboration with Interact and The Pentecostal Alliance of Independent Churches. The students are trained for pastoral and other types of ministries. We also support Mullsjö Residential College for Adults, which offers bible courses as well as other programs on Christian foundations.

Our mission includes international development work and humanitarian aid. We are engaged in evangelism and Bible translation, pastoral and leadership training, church planting, health care and social welfare, education, and community development. In all we do, we collaborate with both local and global partner organizations. Some of our initiatives also involve our own international workers, totaling around 20 individuals.

The Swedish Alliance Mission Youth (SAU) is an independent organization closely associated with us. They work with children and youth, primarily through events, camps and leadership training. We collaborate together on various initiatives.

The headquarters of both SAM and SAU are in Jönköping and most of the churches and associations connected with us are in southern Sweden.